Selfica: The Cosmic Science of Damanhur (Oct 4, 5 – 6)

Spirals of Energy: The Ancient Art of Selfica – Book Signing with Esperide Ananas: Friday, October 4 (7:30 pm) – free entry

Selfica: The Cosmic Science of Damanhur – Seminar: October 5 – 6, 2013 (Sat. 11 am to 6 pm, Sun. noon to 6 pm) – price of seminar $195

Location for both events: Open Secret Bookstore, 923 C St., San Rafael, CA 94901

Part of a seminar series: 1. Selfica: The Cosmic Science of Damanhur: Oct. 5 – 6
2. Past Lives and Present Moment: Oct. 12 – 13
3. Damanhur Full Moon Retreat: Oct. 17 – 20

Contact Teresa Collins: * tel +1 831.334.7331

selfica1On this rare opportunity, join Esperide Ananas, author of the long-awaited book on the spiritual technology of Selfica—in exploring with her this fascinating and mysterious art-science. Selfica is one of the most profound fields of empirical research at Damanhur—an ecological, art-based spiritual community in northern Italy. This technology experimentation was developed and refined for over 40 years, through the teachings of Falco, the late founder of Damanhur. It was known in ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and Minoan cultures; and according to myth, Selfica had been widely used in fabled Atlantis.

Selfica is a discipline that allows the transmission of inter-dimensional energies that enhance our health and well-being, heighten sensitivity, and improve mental and physical balance. Selfic energies can be conveyed by metal structures, or by alchemically prepared inks and paints.

sferoselfSelfic devices facilitate contact and communication with information fields that are beyond the 3-D perceptions, stimulating creativity, intuition and synchronistic events.

This two-day seminar offers in-depth theoretical explanation of Selfica, along with experimentation and direct contact with different kinds of Selfic intelligences and devices through guided practices.

This will give participants a unique opportunity to find a channel of communication with these “intelligent” energies, opening to a more articulated understanding of reality, and heart and mind expansion.

stiloselfSelfic structures are all connected to each other, and their field of intelligence provides a connection to the reservoir of spiritual and divine energies of the Temples of Humankind at Damanhur.

Fascinating stories of the effects of Selfica and news of the latest experiments will also be shared.

Quantum Physics opens evolutionary perspectives that are not only mechanistic. Selfica is a magical journey into new dimensions where time, space, emotions and memories take on new characteristics and meaning!


4 thoughts on “Selfica: The Cosmic Science of Damanhur (Oct 4, 5 – 6)

  1. “In Damanhur, we train to become “lucid mediums” of ourselves, of our own personalities, and of different levels of intelligences and forces. This means learning to be present in the linear time where we are, and with a part of ourselves being able to move beyond the customary cause-effect relationship. In this way, we acquire a method for “sensing” reality in a more expanded way. Selfs have revealed themselves to be exceptional, loving and tireless teachers… rich in a sense of humor!” Esperide Ananas

  2. “Selfica is a research discipline that originates from ancient knowledge recuperated from the depths of time, located on the imaginary library shelves that contain the knowledge of all humanity, and brings this knowledge together with patient experimentation.” Stambecco Pesco

  3. “These unusual tools have fascinated me since the first time I saw them when I went to Damanhur in 2000. The first one I saw was a mass of copper wire… it did not look like anything I had ever seen before in the world of art or the world of science. A part of me almost laughed at the apparently chaotic mass of coiled wires, metal, colors, glass and liquids… Now I have become very familiar with Selfica tools and paintings and my world has expanded from a world of five senses, to a world in which there is a consciousness with vastly more complex sense organs, with whom I can interact and with whom I can expand who I am. I experience Selfica as instruments that mediated a relationship for me with a living conscious intelligence. The devices are of varying levels of complexity… Through Selfica I get in touch with a world of beings and possibilities within myself.” Wendy Grace

  4. “I fell in love with the Selfica, with the feeling of divine loving intelligence alive in all of us. It is constantly organizing us—more and more cohesion to more and more complexity, so that all matter becomes divine and won’t require form anymore. I feel completely resonate with this blissful coherence, which breathes us in and out of existence.” Paul Taylor

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