Past Lives and Present Moment (Oct. 12 – 13)

Past Lives and Present Moment: a facet of your soul
as researched by the Oracle of Damanhur

Date: October 12 – 13, 2013 (Sat. 10 am to 6 pm, Sun. 10 am to 4 pm)
Registration deadline Sept. 20
, limited to 15 participants

Location: In a beautiful redwood retreat in Scotts Valley, California near Santa Cruz

Price of seminar: $265 (including $100 non-refundable deposit for the research)

Part of a seminar series: 1. Selfica: The Cosmic Science of Damanhur: Oct. 5 – 6
2. Past Lives and Present Moment: Oct. 12 – 13
3. Damanhur Full Moon Retreat: Oct. 17 – 20

Contact Teresa Collins: * tel +1 831.334.7331

You are invited to discover a whole new dimension of your soul’s journey

past lives1

In order to be whole and happy human beings, it is precious to discover the depth of our personal history. Our past lives are present within us—feelings, moods and patterns of our behavior often have their roots deep in other points of time. The insights we gain from previous incarnations can now be melded with our present lives, so that they can take on new meanings.

Damanhur has investigated deeply in this field for almost 40 years, using a unique team research approach, which doesn’t involve hypnosis, nor does it require you to enter into a trance state. Based on the research of a specialist group of The Way of the Oracle, you will be given a key to trace back to a past life, which is of most immediate relevance for your present incarnation.

Esperide Ananas of Damanhur’s Oracle group, will guide you through a process of self-discovery and help you tap into your unconscious memories. Using your senses, art, music and dance, you will start re-activating cellular memory and inherently feel into your gifts, lessons, experiences and challenges with profound appreciation.

Your life will take on new meaning as you immerse yourself in the process:

past lives You are a time being, and your divine essence is not linked to linear time
• You are living contemporaneously in many dimensions
• This lifetime is another chapter in the evolution of your soul and consciousness
• Past life recall is a power that activates a clearer sense of purpose in this life

Not everyone is a “Napoleon” or a “Cleopatra”. You may have an exotic story to discover, or a seemingly humble life. The real treasure lies in gaining a better appreciation of your current situation. Once those hidden experiences are revealed to you, they may prove invaluable for integrating the many facets of your life path.

Hawk's Hill1Please send to (in order to carry out the research):

• One recent picture of you – face well visible, no sunglasses
• Your full birth name, place and date of birth
• In addition, you can send a less recent picture taken in the last 10-15 years

When you send the above information, you authorize Damanhur to start the research on your behalf. This is a very sacred and meticulous process that requires a month of work. For this reason: We need to receive your picture, information and deposit by September 20th. 


2 thoughts on “Past Lives and Present Moment (Oct. 12 – 13)

  1. The Damanhur past life process is like none other you will ever experience. It is experiential, artistic and transformational. You will learn to integrate your past experiences into the present moment and understand new dimensions of your life.

    My other past life adventures were passive with someone telling me something they are perceiving or channeling or interpreting for me, but in this course there are no spectators. You are totally present for every moment of your life (past and present).

    Based on research of the Oracle of Damanhur, you will spend a weekend deeply involved with your intuition, going through a process of discovery where you write, paint, sculpt, dance and dream your way into your own awakening. At the end of the weekend, I came away with a very deep appreciation of my journey on earth; I had new strength, insights, inspiration and direction.

    – Karen Lanphear

  2. The material that comes through past life memories is important for how it increases wisdom and awakening, heals, and opens more effective paths of service to humanity. The Damanhurian past life process is like none other I have experienced. I have had past life memories on my own, I have found former lives in sessions, I have had others tell me of past lives, and the information I received in the Damanhurian process went beyond all these experiences.

    In the lives that the Damanhurian Oracle opened for me, talents and abilities from those lives have become more accessible and organized into my present life. The lives that have come forth highlighted personality patterns that I was struggling with and helped me move beyond them. The Damanhurian past life work has taken me vividly into deeper work with the worlds between lives and the benefits continue to emerge over time. Their unique process for accessing these lives, and the enhanced field of energy in which we work due to our link with the Temple and with the Selfic instruments makes this process like none other I have found.

    I now have greater access to the abilities I had matured in past lives including the one that I naturally remember, and I work with them more clearly on my own. The Damanhurian past life work has taken me vividly into deeper work with the worlds between lives. The benefits for this expansion have continued to emerge over time in concrete achievements in personal healing and increased effectiveness in projects and activities. Since doing a series of lives, the energy field in which I move has expanded and there is more energy from the whole that moves through me, making my participation and choices in life more effective.

    – Wendy Grace

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