Damanhur Full Moon Retreat (Oct. 17 – 20)

Damanhur Full Moon Retreat: Awakening Consciousness and Creating New Realities

Hawk's HillGuided by Esperide Ananas,
Ambassador of Damanhur and
Member of the Way of the Oracle

Date: October 17 – 20, 2013
(Thurs. 10 am to Sun. 2 pm)

Location: In a beautiful redwood retreat in Scotts Valley, California near Santa Cruz

Price of 4-day retreat: $395 (accommodation/food costs not included – please inquire for accommodation, meals will be potluck in the spirit of community)

Part of a seminar series: 1. Selfica: The Cosmic Science of Damanhur: Oct. 5 – 6
2. Past Lives and Present Moment: Oct. 12 – 13
3. Damanhur Full Moon Retreat: Oct. 17 – 20

Contact Teresa Collins: tc@evolve.org * tel +1 831.334.7331

Explore Damanhur’s vision of the universe, human beings and evolution. Discover unique insights about the nature of time, the mechanism of multiple timelines and why this historical moment we are living in is so crucial for the reawakening of humanity.

In this moment in time, it is essential to fully focus on light, love and our unique gifts in order to bring about a new level of consciousness. Using the possibility of expansion offered by the full moon, we will engage in special meditations and exercises, opening to receiving guidance and insight.

This retreat is a profound, joyful and creative experience, and the impact will also resonate and unfold in the weeks and months following the retreat. Our intention is to reach a state of deep meditation and love, activating an expansion of our individual selves to a greater whole. We will expand into a sense of unity with others and the universe around us, learning from the Selfic intelligences to enhance the perception of oneness while guided by the light of love.

cabinMeditations in the “Selfic  Cabin,” a space defined by the energy of Selfic paintings that are active mandalas. Selfic devices facilitate contact and communication with energetic dimensions and information fields that are different from those in which we are usually immersed, stimulating creativity, intuition and synchronistic events. Damanhur has over 40 years of experimentation in this field of study.

selfica1The Selfic Cabin is also a portal that opens gates to communication with the devas, cosmic and divine forces. Participants will have the opportunity to take full advantage of this portal, using it for meditations, self-healing and dreaming, raising our vibrational fields, and connecting to higher Forces and Intelligences. Selfica, developed through the research and teaching of Oberto Airaudi – known as “Falco” – the late founder of Damanhur, is an ancient art-science, already known and used by many peoples of the past, enhancing well-being, sensitivity, and mental and physical balance.

In connection with the full moon Oracle ritual at Damanhur, the retreat will feature guided meditations that include Damanhurian Sacred Dance, singing and music, and experiencing the transformational effects of an energetically-charged rope spiral.

To move into the light of the future, we will learn how to communicate with the intelligence of the plant kingdom and get to know the Tree Orienting project to recreate an alliance with the Plant World. We will share in Music of the Plants, using a special device created in Damanhur that allows plants to communicate through sound.

selfica2To understand the gift of Damanhur’s 40 years of conscious community, the group will live as a community and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with Esperide Ananas – Italian citizen of Damanhur for 20 years and Setna – a 19 year old born and raised in Damanhur: two different generations of Damanhurians, united by the dream of creating a new world, bridging spirituality and practical actions together.


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